[Lesson Plan] Sleepy Hollow and Favorite Places

This week with the students ended up being a lot of fun; I did two different lessons with the students, including one where we got to talk about the environment. It was interesting to hear what they already knew (such as climate change) and fortunately, there are enough words that are similar in French andRead more

Iceland: Environmental Observations

One of the things that I’m particularly interested in looking at over the next few months is the environmental aspects of life in different countries. In Iceland, there was a heavy emphasis on geothermal energy, which provides a quarter of the country’s electricity (almost all of the rest comes from hydropower). Geothermal is also used extensivelyRead more

What am I doing?

I’m finally doing the Teaching Assistant Program in France! I’ve been considering doing this program for years, and even though it hadn’t necessarily been my original plan for this particular year, I feel lucky that everything worked out the way it did. I’d never been to France before this, and when I tried to envision what myRead more

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