This is Sleepy Hollow | Kykuit

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to “act like a tourist” in Sleepy Hollow. Partly because it seemed silly that I’ve lived here most of my life without seeing a lot of its attractions, partly to do more local/low-impact travel, and partly to reclaim this space as my own.

I’ve been questioned a lot over the past week about “Where I’m really from,” and I always staunchly answer “Sleepy Hollow,” perhaps in the hopes that discussing the headless horsemen will stave off thinly veiled (or pretty blatant) questions about my ethnicity. I remember one of my professors in college wondering with us, well, when does your “history” start if you’re the child of immigrants? Isn’t the history of this land also your own? So out of some kind of defiance – and the fact that a lot of tours end this week – I decided to finally go for it and explore.

Sleepy Hollow Skeleton


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Quotes + Notes | “Understanding Germany’s Energiewende” – Alexander Franke

I just got back from an amazing talk by Alexander Franke about Germany’s transition to renewable energy,¬†organized by IPSEC. Here’s what I learned:

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