Lesson Plans | Women on $20 bills

The students are still working on figuring out if I really don’t speak French and have been hard at work trying to get me to trip up. One persistent student’s attempt:

“So what do you watch on TV?”

Me: “Uhh…Friends?”

“What about when you go to the grocery store?”

Me: “Mmm…”

“Do you know what French kiss is? It’s very famous!”Read more

Eco + Veg | “Love Miles” aka my complicated relationship with air travel

Pretty much anyone who knows me learns early on that I care about the environment. A lot. Like at the age of 25 I’m still not sure what name I should go by, but I know that working on environmental issues is what I will do with my life in some form or another, no question.

However, travel has been a huge part of my life, and it’s not exactly great for the environment. It’s also a huge part of this blog, hence an existential crisis about whether I’m doing more net harm than good.

I’m developing a campaign for my town to reduce carbon emissions and I’ve been reading a lot about the role of personal action in mitigating climate change. Air travel is a huge contributor to a person’s carbon footprint (the amount of carbon emissions someone’s responsible for).

As someone who’s second generation, I was born into flying more than my fair share. A large chunk of my family, including my grandparents, still live in India, meaning that ever since I was a baby, I’ve been flying halfway around the world to see the people I love. I also find myself feeling more and more at home here and know that I’m going to want to come back.

George Monbiot calls these “love miles: the distance you must travel to visit friends and partners and relatives on the other side of the planet.” While I know how privileged I am that my family prioritized this time and was able to afford to do so, I also wonder how I can cut my impact, especially since I’ve been spending the past couple of years gaining more and more love miles.


= infinity love miles. Goodbye planet Earth.

This guilt is absolutely a “first world problem”: the 2-3% of people who are able to take flights are responsible for 5% of global emissions. However, this is also a problem with worldwide impacts that are just going to get worse as air travel continues to expand. We need practical solutions. What to do?Read more

Bethune: More Carnaval, more blackface

Bethune had its own Carnaval celebration, which was more family-oriented than the one at Dunkerque and yet, was still marred by troupes of people in blackface.

My feelings exactly.

My feelings exactly.

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Eco + Veg | Strasbourg: Green roofs and eating all the potatoes and cheese

While in Strasbourg, I was able to see green roofs and tons of bike lanes, and I got to try out some veggie alsacien food that kept me going through all the exploring.

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Strasbourg – Part 2: A boat ride and “the most beautiful cathedral in Europe”

Footprint: 59.6 kg of CO2

I’ve talked a lot about I’ve done almost no research anytime I’ve gone to a new place since starting TAPIF, but this time, I had heard a little about Strasbourg before going. Namely that the cathedral is probably the prettiest in Europe.

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Strasbourg – Part 1: Chateaux and cigognes

I finally got around to checking out a French chateau. It only took more than 20km of hiking to make it happen.

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Lesson Plans | Endangered animal bingo, little presidents, and pranks – Part 2

I have one class of 4emes and try to do something a little more challenging with them. Also, apparently their tastes are radically different from the slightly younger kids, so I try to take that into account too. This week, there were local elections going on, so I decided to do a lesson where we talked a little about current issues.Read more

Lesson Plans | Endangered animal bingo, little presidents, and pranks – Part 1

I’ve been focusing on doing more games and avoided doing bingo all year, but decided to finally give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. I also got to prank the students and hear about what they’d do if they were president.Read more