Lesson Plans | St. Patrick’s Day and…Games on River Pollution?

I have one month of work left! And I’m actually wishing I had more time. I’m so lucky to like my students and co-workers enough that it makes me sad to need to leave.

Yesterday, I had what’s probably one of the worse moments I’ve had with a student in class; he called me something bad, which I didn’t hear, but all the students around him told him off and also let the teacher know before I even had a chance to see her (gotta love the kids’ need for justice at all times!). It was out of the blue, but it was so kind of everyone else to care so much on my behalf.

This week, we talked about St. Patrick’s Day and then played “Hot and Cold” with sources of pollution in rivers, which gave the students a chance to get up and walk around while learning new vocab.

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Lesson Plan | Michael Jackson and Games with Sad Planet Earths

I finally called in sick for the first time this week, but my teachers were super nice about it (they even go so far as to try to get me more time off…what is this life?). When I went back in after, I felt pushed to the limit by a group of uncharacteristically uncooperative students, even though I almost always love the job and feel energized by it even when students are difficult. However, having other classes moonwalk and get really excited about telling me about environmental problems totally made up for it.


While I’ve been trying to avoid needing to take my laptop with me to class, I went with a lesson this week where I wouldn’t have to do too much speaking. A lot of students had been telling me that they liked music, so I decided to show them a clip of “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson and gave them a worksheet where they had to fill in certain words to keep them focused.Read more

Staying productive during TAPIF

I’m having trouble focusing on my work right now, which makes it the perfect time to write about how I’ve managed to stay productive while I’m here, right? Here’s what’s worked most of the time (other than today, apparently): Forcing some structure on my time: Can’t remember where I first read this, but there’s something calledRead more

Six Months in! Chuckling at my first impressions of Bethune

I’ve officially been in France for 6 months, but it feels like a lifetime since I first got to Bethune slightly dazed and with zero expectations. I found a note on my phone about my first impressions of Bethune that I jotted down while waiting outside the train station; it’s way too embarrassing to share in itsRead more

Eco + Veg | International Inspiration: Repair Cafe

Cross-posted at the Sleepy Hollow Environmental Advisory Committee blog

I recently stopped by the Repair Cafe in Lille, France. On the third Tuesday of each month, anyone is welcome to bring broken objects by and volunteers will try to fix them.

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