Arras: Highs and lows

Footprint: 5.7 kg of CO2

Nord Pas de Calais doesn’t seem to get the love it deserves from some travel guides / the rest of France, but I really love it. There’s a lot of fascinating local history and the beffrois (belltowers) that can be found in a lot of towns are pas mal (not bad!).


View from the Arras beffroi

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Rome! Part 2: Travel lessons we should have learned by now (always have your passport) and stumbling on the Pantheon

After lunch, we visited some other nearby monuments. Visiting the Piazza di Spagna totally gave us a flashback to basking in the sun at Montmartre:

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Dunkerque: What happens at Carnaval stays at Carnaval?

After our Luxembourg trip, we took the train to Dunkerque for Carnaval:

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[Lesson Plans] Back-up ideas (for when even One Direction just isn’t enough)

This week was right before break, and like the last time I had class before vacation, even the students who are usually well-behaved were a little rowdy. I went in with a couple of different lesson plans and mostly ended up just combining some games to practice the names of body parts. Last week aRead more

Lesson Plans | Lessons I’ve learned

Here are some lessons I learned by the halfway point in my time here: Sometimes (usually) lessons will not go the way they were planned. Even when I carefully pick the exact wording I’m going to use to make everything as clear as possible. And it’s better to roll with that and adjust the lessonRead more