[Lesson Plan] Environmental Problems and Survey

Over the past week, I’ve been doing an environmental survey with the students, which was lots of fun and led to students shouting “greenhouse effect…OHHH!” and drawing farting cows and landfills on the board:

Finding creative ways to avoid saying "fart" in class

Finding creative ways to avoid saying “fart” in class

It was fun to see what the students already knew about and it didn’t hurt that a lot of vocab was pretty similar between English and French. I also got to try out some Beaujolais wine in the teachers’ lounge (apparently it’s the law here that employees are allowed to drink wine, beer, or cider at work)! Check out the lesson plan and some preliminary survey responses under the cut!

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Before leaving New York, I realized that my bedroom had over the years become an unintentional shrine to France, what with the posters on the walls of Paris and paintings of France, along with a few little statues of the Eiffel Tower that have found their way to me over the years. Like so many otherRead more

Two Month France-iversary!

It’s officially been two months since I came to France! While the first month felt like an eternity, the past one has flown by and I’m actually a little sad that I only have five months left here. It’s been pretty amazing to me how quickly it was possible to feel at home in aRead more

[Lesson Plan] Sleepy Hollow and Favorite Places

This week with the students ended up being a lot of fun; I did two different lessons with the students, including one where we got to talk about the environment. It was interesting to hear what they already knew (such as climate change) and fortunately, there are enough words that are similar in French andRead more

Iceland: Environmental Observations

One of the things that I’m particularly interested in looking at over the next few months is the environmental aspects of life in different countries. In Iceland, there was a heavy emphasis on geothermal energy, which provides a quarter of the country’s electricity (almost all of the rest comes from hydropower). Geothermal is also used extensivelyRead more

What am I doing?

I’m finally doing the Teaching Assistant Program in France! I’ve been considering doing this program for years, and even though it hadn’t necessarily been my original plan for this particular year, I feel lucky that everything worked out the way it did. I’d never been to France before this, and when I tried to envision what myRead more